Bicycle transfer

Bagafrance transfers bicycles (including electric bicycles, tandems, luggage trailer, trailers or single wheel bike trailers for children) mainly for cyclists who wish to be transported back to the location of their departure or to return the bicycles to the rental company.
Like for the luggage, if not transported together with the cyclists, the bicycles are collected after 9:00 am and are delivered before 6:00 pm. The collection as well as the delivery are carried out from and to an accomodation or a rental company's store. 
Special requests can be made for a specific transfers from a specific location (station, parking, private residence ...) where the collection and/or delivery are to be carried out at a specific time and include a physical contact with the cyclists. If so, special rates are provided by Bagafrance.
Every bicycle is to be prepared for transportation on a dedicated trailer. Accessories and saddlebags are to be put apart, if possible in a dedicated bag. The bicycle must be labelled with the word "BAGAFRANCE" as well as the last name and mobile phone number of the cyclist.
The rate for one bicycle, one electric bicycle, one luggage trailer or one trailer or single wheel bike trailer for child is the same. The rate for a tandem is double.

DistancePrice per bicycle for the 6 first bicyclesPrice per bicycle from 7th to 12th bicyclePrice over 12
Less than 130 km18 €15 €Write to us
From 130 to 250 km36 €30 €Write to us