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Bagafrance provides services for your bike trip

L'équipe Bagafrance

The creators of Bagafrance are two fans of traveling and nature and have a professional background made of a strong experiences in logistics and management of organizations, acquired in various locations in the world.

Bagafrance brings its logistics know-how to the world of tourism as we believe that this demanding job can not be improvised and does not allow, in order to be effective, to do several different activities at the same time. The many individuals, tourism professionals, French and international travel agencies, bike rental companies who have trusted us since 2013, confirm the competence and professionalism that drive us, based on a single objective, the priority of our mission: customer satisfaction.

BAGAFRANCE has licenses for the transport of goods and persons that indispensable to professional carriers.

Over time, we have surrounded ourselves with quality colleagues, each in its own field, whether our technicians, our developers, our project managers, but also our drivers whose role is very important for the reputation of our company. That's why we choose them carefully, train them to the specificity of this type of transport, taking into account the human contact and ... that we chek on them regularly: they are our ambassadors as much with the hosts as with our clients.

Resolutely turned towards modernity, we develop and use digital systems specific to our company to guarantee safety and total peace of mind to our customers during their trip.

Your luggage, like your bikes are tracked constantly. We can tell you at any time where they are and when they will be delivered.

We are concerned to inform both the clients and their hosts. For this we have developed a system that allows all the players in our supply chain (customers, hosts, drivers) to be informed throughout the day, without having to intervene or ask for anything. Listening to their needs, we always try to find solutions when they are in difficulty.

Articulated around its operating center, the true heart of our society, our entire team is at your service and will do everything possible to help you with "happy, free and safe trip!"

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