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Hike light on the paths of the Camino de Santiago


Camino de Santiago

Bags and luggage transfer on the paths of the Camino de Santiago

Bagafrance transfers your luggage, backpacks and suitcases stage by stage on the paths of the Camino de Santiago. On 3 routes: from Orléans to Sorigny on the way of Tours, Castres to Montesquiou on the way of Arles and Montpellier to Fanjaux on the way of the Pyrenean foothills.

With our services, set out carefree and hike lightly with your luggage waiting for you at every stage. Only take the bare minimum when on your walk. Enjoy finding your personal belongings waiting for you at each accommodation. Bagafrance transports your belongings during the day during the course of your stage and commits to informing your accommodation before delivery.

Take the via Tolosana

Via Tolosana, also known as the Toulouse Way or Arles Way, is the southernmost of the ways leading to Santiago de Compostela. It extends from Arles to Spain, via Toulouse, from where it takes its name. Its main stages:

Castres, Toulouse, Auch, the Semport pass (through which it crosses the Pyrenees). Via Tolosana will allow you to cross the South of France from East to West, as well as the north of Spain for nearly 1000 km.

On this route, Bagafrance offers its services from Castres to Montesquiou.

Walk through the Pyrenean foothills

Perhaps the least known way, it leaves the Arles Way in Montpellier, to lead you to the Semport pass through Beziers, Carcassonne, Fanjaux, Pamiers, Comminge and Bigorre.

On this route, Bagafrance offers its services from Montpellier to Fanjaux.

Travel via Turonensis

The via Turonensis, literally "the way of Tours", is nearly 1500 km long. From Paris, pilgrims from northern Europe travel to reach Tours. They stop at the Basilica of St. Martin of Tours after crossing the Loire. This route, continuing to the Pyrenees via Poitiers and Bordeaux, presents little difficulty and offers a mild climate suitable for hiking.

Bagafrance transports your baggage stage by stage during your hike between Orleans and Sorigny south of Tours.

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