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Travel light along the Canal des Deux Mers


Canal des Deux Mers

We transfer your luggage on the Canal des Deux Mers

Weight is the trekker’s enemy, whether on foot or by bike. Take only the essential and leave the logistics to trusted professionals while you enjoy the outdoors during your stay.

Bagafrance accompanies you on your trek along the Canal des Deux Mers by taking care of your luggage transfer between Royan on the Atlantic coast and Sète, at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Canal des Deux Mers route

The Canal des Deux Mers links the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea thanks to the Canal de Garonne and the Canal du Midi. From Royan and the Gironde estuary, the route joins the Garonne a few kilometers before Bordeaux and then continues towards Langon and Castets-en-Dorthe where the Garonne Canal starts. For nearly 200 km it connects Agen then Montauban and Toulouse at the junction with the Canal du Midi.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this 241-kilometer-long, seventeenth-century waterway crosses Occitania to reach the Mediterranean.

From Toulouse, its route takes the direction of the South-East and Castelnaudary before joining Carcassonne then Béziers. Shortly before Agde, the canal runs along the Mediterranean Sea to the Thau lagoon and Sète. More than 110 locks forge the route of these 2 canals that allow boats to cross the south of France from west to east.

Traveling along the Canal des Deux Mers

If the activity along the Canal des Deux Mers is no longer what it was with the rise of new modes of transportation, the route has become an asset to explore the riches of the South of France. From the Southwest to the Midi, from Aquitaine to Occitania, the Canal des Deux Mers invites you to journey to the heart of territories proud of their traditions and heritage. The climate and the pleasant way of life contribute to the happiness of travelers who go to discover the charms of the region: markets full of colors and scents, gastronomy inspired by local produce, vineyards, events and traditional festivals ...

Traveling along the Canal des Deux Mers invites you to cross lively and welcoming regions, mixing heritage, culture and nature.

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