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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of luggage do you transfer ?
Bagafrance transfers all types of luggage: suitcases, backpacks, various bags and saddlebags. Bagafrance transports also equipment such as bicycles and accessories, as well as special items such as wine cases or souvenirs, subject to a packaging adapted to transportation by vehicle. The weight of each piece of luggage is to be under 25 kilos. All pieces are checked by the driver when collected. If a piece of luggage exceeds 25 kilos, it is not transported unless the owner agrees for an extra fee (double price).
We are a group and we have many pieces of luggage. Could you carry out the transfers anyway?
Bagafrance transfers luggage and equipment for groups without any limitation. Beyond 9 pieces of luggage, the transfers must be booked by email at reservation@bagafrance.com and are subject to special rates for groups, according to the number of pieces.
We wish to go back to the location of departure with luggage and bikes. Could you transport us?
Bagafrance offers transportation of bikers and hikers with luggage and equipment (bicycles). Since the number of vehicles (minivans with 9 seats, driver included, equipped with a trailer for 8 bicycles) is unfortunately limited, a request for personal transportation, sent by email at reservation.bagaf.canaldumidi@gmail.com, is not systematically accepted by Bagafrance. Therefore, depending on the availability of the vehicles, the rates for personal transportation are directly submitted to you by email.
We are planning to canoe. Could you transfer our luggage and our canoes, kayaks?
Of course, Bagafrance-Canal du Midi transfers luggage for kayakers or canoeists as well as for cyclists and hikers. As for the transfer of canoes or kayaks, it is possible, depending on the number.
How may we know where is our luggage when biking or hiking?
Simply by calling the phone number which is on your Bagafrance contract. In addition, in most of the cases, an SMS is sent to your mobile phone, following the delivery of your luggage.
Do we have to meet the luggage handler from Bagafrance for the luggage picking-up, delivery?
No, for most of the cases. Bagafrance doesn't need to meet you to collect or to deliver your luggage and equipment when the collection and the delivery locations are manned by people who are able to supervise your belongings (such as hotels, B&Bs, camping sites, stores, tourism offices). Bagafrance usually contacts these people to agree on the most appropriate timing for collection and delivery. This is the reason why your luggage and equipment are to be available from 9:00 am and are delivered until 6:00 pm. If you request a direct pick-up or a direct delivery of your luggage and equipment by meeting our luggage handler whenever and wherever (parking, train station, private residence) you need it, for any reason, this possibility is open, subject to our constraints and an extra fee (double price). This request is to be made by email at reservation@bagafrance.com .
How to change or to cancel a transfer booking?
Any request for change or cancellation of a transfer must be done by email or by phone at least 24 hours prior to the departure (i.e. before 9:00 am the day before the planned transfer). Any change or cancellation (addition or cancellation of daily transfers, additional pieces of luggage or of equipement) which is made more than 24 hours prior to the departure is accepted by Bagafrance and is subject to a reimbursement or an additional fee. Any cancellation which is not made more than 24 hours prior to the departure is unfortunately not reimbursed by Bagafrance-Canal du Midi.
Is it possible not to pay by Credit Card but thanks to a bank transfer or in cash?
If you agree with the estimate which has been generated after your booking process but you prefer not to pay by Credit Card, you may contact us by email or by phone in order to propose another way, either to pay thanks to a bank transfer or to pay in cash. We will find a convenient solution for you.
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