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Terms of sale

L'équipe Bagafrance




The rates shown include VAT and are based on the economic conditions prevailing on 11/30/2022. Any change in these economic conditions could lead to a change in these rates, such as a significant increase in fuel prices.


For all reservations, full payment will be requested upon validation of the reservation. The payment can be done by secure link in credit card, check or by transfer.

Periods of activity

The high season period is defined as April 15 to October 15. The low season period is defined from March 1st to April 14th and from October 15th to November 15th. Outside of these periods, the rates of the catalog are no longer referenced and any request will be subject to a custom quote.

Reservations for luggage transfer

Reservation requests must be made by e-mail to reservation@bagafrance.com or by telephone to 04 67 15 82 03. We reserve the right not to carry out the services remaining unpaid the day of the service.


For luggage transfers, cancellation fees will be calculated as follows - 0€ for a cancellation up to 7 days before the beginning of the service - 50% of the amount of the service for a cancellation between 7 days and 48 hours before the beginning of the service - 100% of the amount of the service for a cancellation between 48 hours and the beginning of the service.


For any request of modification less than 5 days before the beginning of the service, we reserve the right to apply a fixed sum of 20€ for the management fees.


A hotline is available to our customers, 7 days a week, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, at the number 0627817552. Please note that this line is only for emergency situations related to a service in progress. It is important that you provide us with a telephone number on which you can be reached during your stay so that we can inform you by SMS of the times of passage and be able to reach you in case of problem.


The customer as the principal undertakes to book professional tourist establishments that can accommodate, store and deliver the luggage safely as the sender and/or receiver. The client is responsible for all the consequences of a failure to inform and declare the exact nature and specificity of the goods when the latter require special provisions, particularly with regard to their value and/or the covetousness they are likely to arouse, their dangerousness or fragility. The luggage must not contain any dangerous or flammable material whatsoever (alcohol, gasoline, gas...), illegal products (drugs, including cannabis), valuable objects, medicines, weapons of any kind or any other product or material prohibited by the French penal code. The client is responsible for all the consequences of the absence, insufficiency or defect of the packaging, wrapping, marking or labelling. The goods must be conditioned, packaged, marked or countermarked in such a way as to withstand transport and/or storage operations carried out under normal conditions, as well as the successive handling that necessarily takes place during the course of these operations. It must not constitute a cause of danger for the driving or handling personnel, the environment, the safety of the transport machines, the other transported or stored goods, the vehicles or the third parties.

Time periods

The client undertakes to ensure that the recipient (accommodation or rental company) is open and accessible 7 days a week and between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. for the collection and delivery of luggage.

Refusal or failure of the recipient

In the event of rejection of the goods by the consignee, or default by the consignee for any reason whatsoever, all initial and additional costs due and incurred on behalf of the goods shall remain the responsibility of the principal.

Carrier Responsibilities

We are responsible for the material between its collection and its delivery. The material transported will be the one given to the driver by the sender (accommodation, rental company, client, agency). Any item not presented to the driver at the time of collection will be considered as missing and will not be delivered. The amount and ceiling of compensation per lost, incomplete or damaged package will be 33 euros per kg of gross weight of the lost or damaged goods, with a maximum of 1000 euros. For any claim, a purchase and repair invoice will be requested. It is possible for the shipper or the customer to take out an ad valorem insurance policy to cover the value of the goods declared in the event of a transport-related loss. For all other damages, including in the event of a duly noted delay in delivery, in the event that the carrier's personal liability is incurred, the carrier's compensation is strictly limited to the price of the transportation of the goods (excluding duties, taxes and miscellaneous expenses) or to the price of the service that caused the damage, which is the subject of the contract. This compensation shall not exceed that due in case of loss or damage of the goods.


En cas de perte, d’avarie ou de tout autre dommage subi par la marchandise, ou en cas de retard, il appartient au destinataire ou au réceptionnaire de procéder aux constatations régulières et suffisantes, de prendre des réserves motivées et en général d’effectuer tous les actes utiles à la conservation des recours et à confirmer lesdites réserves dans les formes et les délais légaux, faute de quoi aucune action ne pourra être exercée contre Bagafrance ou ses substitués.


Our unit rates correspond to a maximum size of 158 cm (total height + width + length) and not exceeding 23 kg. Our degressive rates apply to the same reservation. A tolerance is granted for a second piece of luggage such as a 12-liter backpack. Any additional baggage will be charged at the current rate and any baggage exceeding 23 kg will be charged as a second baggage. Luggage must be closed and grouped together. They must be marked with the group's reservation name and the number of luggage in the group (e.g. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3). Telephone confirmation of the delivery The price of the call from the driver to the client to confirm the delivery of the goods is 5€.


Baggage pick-up begins at 9:00 am with deliveries ending at 6:00 pm. As a general rule, luggage is delivered before 5pm. An SMS or an email is sent to the hosts the day before our intervention to inform them of our schedule of our passage at +-2 hours. An SMS for the French customers and an email for the foreign customers are sent the day before to inform them of the schedule of our passage at +-2 hours for the removal of their luggage. In the event that the accommodation provider cannot ensure the requested opening time for the collection of luggage or delivery, means of access must have been communicated to us: locker with key box, digicode... In case of unforeseen absence, our team will contact the client. Any waiting of the driver will be invoiced 25€ the 1/4 of hour. Beyond 1/4 hour, we reserve the right to continue the tour. In case of necessity to program an additional race, this one will be invoiced at the rate of 2,2€/km, to which will be added the 25€ of waiting

Collection or delivery to hotel depots

Luggage collection on the day of departure and delivery on the day of departure can be done at partner hotels. On the day of departure, luggage must be made available at the depot before 9:30 am. On the day of the end of the stay, the luggage will be delivered to the depot before 17:00. It is important to specify at the time of booking that your clients will not be staying in the hotel operating as a hotel depot. Customized schedules : For any request of collection or delivery on a specific schedule will be subject to an estimate

Restricted Accessibility

During certain periods, generally linked to festivities or works that make access to the accommodation impossible by vehicle. Any request for collection or delivery with restricted accessibility will be subject to an estimate. It is the responsibility of the customer to inquire with the accommodation providers about these possible constraints. Cities and major festivities as an indication: Arles (Férias 15 to 18 April 2022- 10 and 11 September), Avignon, (Festival 07 to 30 July 2022), Béziers(Ferias), Cahors (Stage Tour de France 2022 - Fri. 22 Jul. 2022), Carcassonne, (Stages Tour de France 2022 - Sun. 17 Jul. 2022 to Tue. 19 Jul. 2022, Carcassonne (Fireworks show - Thu. 14 Jul. 2022), Nîmes (Ferias 26-30 May 2022 ), Sète (Fêtes de la Saint-Louis 18 to 23 Aug. 2022 )...


Bagafrance collects, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), personal data within the framework of the transport orders placed with it. These data are necessary for the establishment and transmission of contracts and digital invoices, and for the good execution of the transports requested by its customers. This information may be partially retransmitted (name and mobile number) to transport service providers, within the framework of a subcontracting. They are not kept in a specific database, but archived with the contracts signed with the Bagafrance companies. The possible use of these data for other purposes, can only be done with the consent of their owners. In no case, they are retransmitted or resold to third parties. The customers can exercise their rights to modify or delete their personal data by simple request to the email or postal addresses of the Bagafrance companies where the contracts were made.


The present general conditions are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute over the validity, interpretation and/or execution of these general conditions, the parties agree that the competent courts of Tours for SAS Bagafrance and of Toulouse for SAS BV-CDM will have exclusive jurisdiction to rule on the matter, except in the case of imperative rules of procedure to the contrary.
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